Celebrating a Big Birthday

On the 3rd of August this year we, ETS, turned 18 years old. For some businesses that is a grand old age for others is it just a drop in the ocean, such as our partner Carvers who will have traded for 125 years!

In people terms, hitting 18 means you are an adult, it is the end of childhood, and you are now responsible for yourself, you even get to vote. It is seen as a new era.

So, what does it mean for ETS? Well with 18 years under our belts this shows we understand our customer needs, we are well established, we have longevity and basically, we aren’t going anywhere. That should give peace of mind when engaging us on a long term project or an ongoing build.

We have experience by the rafter load. In our 18 years we have pretty much seen it all and helped to design it and install it. Our dedicated team know their stuff and they too have longevity as we have very low churn when it comes to our amazing team. We know people do business with people, so we make sure our staff are happy and engaged.

The last couple of years have been tough for a lot of businesses due to the pandemic, but once again we have got through that difficult spell, and we are even stronger.

Looking to the future, ETS has some big plans in the pipeline. We aren’t going to just bump along for another 18 years, that isn’t our style. We will push boundaries, we will help home builders and we will help our community too through our charity work.

The next 18 years will have its challenges, but here at ETS we are always up for a challenge, so let’s see what it brings.