ETS partners with LTF on The Mill, Cardiff

Engineered Timber Solutions has successfully partnered with Lowfield Timber Frames to work on a 53 acre, sustainable community known as The Mill at Canton, Cardiff.

Built on the former Arjo Wiggins Paper Mill site in Cardiff, the site provided both businesses with the opportunity to help transform the industrial past into a community based future. The aim of The Mill is not only to provide housing but to provide neighbourhoods with a sense of place and belonging. The site comprises of 750 properties, ranging from one bedroom apartments to four bedroom detached houses, with over half of the build being affordable housing.

The Mill opted to use timber frame components due to their ability to store carbon as timber products lock in approximately 1 tonne of CO2 per 1 m3 of wood. Timber manufacturers also provide the benefit of offsite manufacturing which reduces waste and speeds up build time on site.

Adam Tudor, Truss and Joists Designer, said: “This has been a great project to work on for many reasons, its size, the challenging roofscapes, the low carbon footprint, the fact that it’s a community with shops, doctors and post offices being provided. Affordable housing is also important, we need to give people the opportunity to have a home of their own and this build helps people reach that goal. It really is different and we are very proud to have been involved. It has been great working alongside Lowfield Timber Frames and developing good industry relationships.”

Working with Lowfield Timber Frames, we have supplied 104 roof trusses for a mix of houses and apartment blocks, 2 storey houses plus 3 and 4 storey apartment blocks. This is the sort of challenging project which ETS thrives on, to find out more about ETS’s work or how to partner please call us on 01952 771170.