Expansion at ETS

ETS started and grown in its home at Rodenhurst Business Park. Over the years, we have expanded the office, taken over more buildings and completed the complicated extension of our truss manufacturing facility by moving our entire truss press into the much larger space of Unit 1.
In that time, our manufacturing and design teams have also grown. Which has resulted in our kitchen facilities becoming crowded and cramped. In the latter part of 2019, we began the process of drawing up plans to remodel the space above the office. The project aim was to expand our kitchen facilities, a move of our server room, and the addition of a brand new dedicated meeting/training room.

In January the work began to strip out the existing walls and kitchen. Once that work finished, the next step was to start the instillation the steel framing needed for the extension of the kitchen.

As February progressed the cladding was installed and the space divided up. The meeting room was completely boarded out so it could be plastered.

The kitchen installation began in March. Progress halted while we had to close the company for the CORVID-19 lock-down. When we reopened running with a reduced staff, all our suppliers and trades people were contacted to see if work could begin once more. In line with the government guidelines on social distancing we were able to get the project back up and running.

Just as May turned to June we finally had a finished space.
Our kitchen can seat up to sixteen and our meeting room ten. The meeting room will allow for company meetings, and staff training to be held in house. The new kitchen and locker rooms give the staff somewhere to store their belongings during the day and an air conditioned space to eat at lunch time.
While current social distancing rules means that these two spaces aren’t seeing usage to their full capacity, we firmly believe that the investment in the project will stand us in good stead moving forward. In fact, so confident are we in the value of these projects, our next one is already entering planning stages.