Floor Team leader – Daniel Croucher

      1. Full name
        • Daniel Croucher
      2. Job title
        • Floor Team Leader
      3. How long have you been in this role?
        • 3 years
      4. Why did you choose a career in manufacturing?
        • I started through an agency and I was then taken on full time.
      5. What do you think makes a good Team Leader?
        • A good eye for detail and pride in your work.
      6. What has been your biggest achievement in your career so far?
        • Being promoted to team leader.
      7. What else would you like to achieve?
        • Producing more, quality joists whilst maintaining my high standards of precision.
      8. What motivates you to do your best everyday?
        • Knowing that the joists we manufacture will last for decades to come.
      9. Use one word to describe the culture at ETS?
        • Driven.
      10. What would your ideal team building activity be and why?
        • Go-Karting which we do each year. I like that it is a fun way of building relationships
          with other staff members you may not otherwise get a chance to on a normal
          working day.
      11. What do you like to do away from work?
        • I like to play video games on my PC and enjoy playing snooker. I also like to go for
          walks in the countryside.
      12. If ETS was to have a theme song what would it be?
        • Eye of the Tiger.
      13. What animal would best describe your supervisor?
        • Badger.

Daniel Croucher