Meet the Team – Designer

This summer we have been fortunate enough to be able to expand our design team. Our design team has decades of experience in designing roof trusses and floor joists. That expertise has been the foundation upon which we have been able to meet and exceed our customers’ needs and requests. But of course, the reward for a job well done is more work and we are as busy as ever. To meet customer demand and our own high standards of service we have been lucky to find Jenni.

Jenni has joined the seven other designers in the office, and will be designing roof trusses across our customer base. To introduce Jenni, she kindly agreed to answer the questions below.

Why did you choose Roof Truss/posi joist design as a career?

To be honest, I didn’t, well not directly! I did however want a career in technical design, and after my previous role, it was like a natural progression. Although it was a completely different industry, the technical design side of it was transferrable. My degree in Architectural Design helped a great deal too!

What do you think it takes to become a good roof truss/posi joist designer?

An eye for detail is a must, through the couple of months that I’ve been at ETS, the amount of information that can be received varies from day to day. And the more information you get regarding the key details required the better. Also, a good thing is being able to talk to customers, getting to know what exactly they are after and being able to provide a technical friendly service for them.

What achievement/project are you most proud of in your career?

I’ve not been here a great amount of time, BUT everything I’ve been able to put through to production and get sent to site has been a great incentive to keep going. I am learning so much every-day, and picking even more information up as I go along. Knowing that something I have designed is now giving someone the pleasure of that extension they’ve always wanted, or an extra room above a garage… so I think I can be proud of that!

What is the best thing about working for ETS?

The best thing is that everyone is friendly, and welcoming. You are able to go to pretty much anyone in the office for advice, and guidance, and if they aren’t sure, then they will point you in the right direction. Everyone is so knowledgeable, and it is refreshing to see people enjoying what they do.

What was the number one reason you joined ETS?

The technical design aspect of the role really intrigued me, and although my role was previously technically based, it was the building aspect of the role which drew me in.

What motivates you in your job?

I do love the variety of the everyday – yes, I’m sat in an office with the same people every day, BUT the variety of the role is really refreshing. No two roofs are the same, and each one, whether it be a small extension, or a full housing development needs the same amount of dedication and knowledge to provide the service that the customer is asking of us.

What is one word that describes our culture, and why?

I would say that the culture at ETS is very much family orientated. Everyone here has been here a number of years, and knows each other fairly well. There is a small group of designers that have a vast amount of knowledge, which accumulatively creates a diverse but close-knit environment within the office.

Do you have fun here?

Most of the time yes! Sometimes the workload can be a bit daunting, but it is all part and parcel of the job. It can be a high stress environment sometimes, with deadlines and delivery schedules to keep and eye on, but otherwise, yes, it is a fun place to work!

What drives you crazy here?

The air conditioning! It’s either too hot or too cold, doesn’t seem to be a happy in between, haha!

How effective are our team building activities?

Unfortunately, I have only heard of these ventures! Due to Coronavirus, there have been limited external team building opportunities, but I do look forward to some in the future!

If ETS had a theme song, what would it be and why?

Not sure to be honest, not really thought about it! Yakety Sax probably, there’s a lot of running around, but it all ends up ok in the end!

If your direct supervisor was an animal, what would it be and why?

Erm, good question, well presented – no idea!  Maybe a giraffe…?! Only because he’s fairly tall!