What we have been doing.

This year has been quite a bit different from last year, the way that people work and interact have changed. But here, in our corner of Shropshire, there has been a steady push towards business as usual.
Houses are being built, extended and renovated. Future plans and projects still need floors, roofs, and the odd spandrel panel, designing and quoting.
We are designing and manufacturing trusses and joists, and have been as busy as ever.
To show off the projects we have manufactured, here is a sample of some of the things that we have delivered this year.

What we have been doing. 1


This floor design was for a project in Stoke on Trent and gave the building and entirely new floor.



We also took on projects to supply the roof trusses for care homes in Oxfordshire and Leicestershire. These larger complex roofs have Attic truss configurations to allow maximum uses of the space available and make use of our spandrel panels throughout the roof layout.

What we have been doing. 2What we have been doing. 3


Posi-Joist floor in angled building

This floor was supplied to a project in London. The angled wall of the older building was accommodated by our experienced Posi-Joist Department Manager who has plenty of experience fitting posi-web floors into uniquely shaped buildings.



What we have been doing. 4

This floor was supplied to a building in Derbyshire that was being converted from a commercial building to a residential one.


What we have been doing. 5


This new attic roof trusses were supplied to a bungalow in Shrewsbury that was undergoing a renovation and extension.



This year, so far, we have made thirty two thousand roof trusses, and seventeen thousand posi-web joists. If you would like us to make yours, then please do get in touch.