A little bit of history

Founded in 2002 Engineered Timber Solutions sprang to life in the pretty countryside of Shropshire between the historic market town of Shrewsbury and the industrial Telford.

Engineered Timber Solutions’ Directors identified a gap in the timber roof truss market they believed they could fill. Utilising the most up to date technology, during the design and manufacturing process, they aimed to bring the manufacturing and delivery times of timber roof trusses to an all-time industry low.

Determined to make a promise of a delivery period of only three to five working days and stick to it, they invited a specialist in to help design and manufacture a truss press that would allow them to reduce the setup and manufacturing process of roof trusses.

The truss press at Engineered Timber Solutions is a unique piece of machinery. An industry-first upon its installation, the like of which is not found anywhere else. By using a laser guided set up, and pedestal tables instead of the more common flatbeds, any size, shape, and type of truss can be quickly and accurately set up for manufacturing.

Once the design team has designed a roof truss solution, the manufacturing process can begin.

All the timber sizes and the angles of the cuts are sent electronically to the saw. The picking teams load the timbers in order and the electronic saw measures the length and cuts the angles according to the specification from the design software, removing the delay where each timber has to be measured by hand.

Once all the timbers have been cut, they are loaded on to trolleys and taken over to the press where a laser-guided set up system – one of the first of its kind, enables the team to set out the manoeuvrable pedestal tables into place. The plates are put in place on the tables using the same laser-guided system then the timbers are put into position. Finally, the top plates are positioned, and then the press moves down the track pressing each joint. Once it has completed the truss, the truss is picked up and moved to a trolley; then the next set up can begin.

The manoeuvrable pedestal tables mean that the manufacturing teams can layout the timbers and plates next to the tables so that once a truss has been pressed and lifted on to the waiting trolley, the next set up is quickly completed by lifting the timber straight into place. Savings in these areas have allowed Engineered Timber Solutions to come to market with the offering of short manufacturing turnaround times and consistently deliver on them.

Not content to offer only a single product no matter how diverse, in 2003 Engineered Timber solutions expanded their portfolio to include metal web floor joists. These new to market products combined the lightness of timer and the strength of steel, allowing greater spans than the alternative timber product. Due to the capability of offering greater spans, unequalled design freedom is achievable.

Not the type to back down from anything that could allow ETS to achieve the exceptional for its customers, the company immediately embraced metal web floor joists.

With these two products, ETS began to develop a reputation for being able to deliver where others could not. Complex designs were eagerly taken on, giving the design team the chance to show off their flair and originality as customer expectations were met and often exceeded in what was accomplishable with trusses and metal web joists.

In 2008 Timber Kit Solutions, a design and manufacturer of timber frame panels joined the Carver group. Between the three companies, Carvers of Wolverhampton, Engineered Timber Solutions and Timber Kit Solutions a complete package is available for any build.

Since opening in 2002 Engineered Timber Solutions are still in their birthplace of Rodenhurst Business Park. Although, since the doors opened, ETS has expanded to take over Unit 1 and Unit 3 on the business park and extended the office space in Unit 2 twice to house the growing design team.

Our trusses and joists can now be found across the country from around the corner in the village of High Ercal to Motherwell in Scotland, Portsmouth on the south coast and even in the English Channel as we supply a house builder who operates on Guernsey and Jersey.