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Metal Web Joists

Metal web joists comprise of an upper and lower timber member, connected by a steel web that provides strength. This results in a strong and light-weight joist solution.

Why Choose Metal Web Joists?

The open web nature of these types of joists allows you to conceal services within the floor zone with no need for expensive – and awkward – cutting, drilling or notching of the floor structure.

The steel webs which facilitate this open nature also provide exceptional strength characteristics. This exceptional strength characteristic means that metal web floor joists can span further than competing products. It also enables you to use shallower depths which opens up the opportunity for greater flexibility with floor to ceiling heights.

As a bespoke product, you can be confident that our designers can create a floor design unique to your project, rather than merely cutting down off the shelf products, as achieved with products such as Timber I-beams.

Using Mitek’s Pamir software, we can provide comprehensive engineered solutions for joist projects on:

  • Masonry builds
  • Timber frame builds
  • SIP builds
  • ICF builds
  • Steel frame builds
  • And many more
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Metal web joists are manufactured in a controlled offsite environment, ensuring a quality product which is delivered ‘made to measure’, allowing for speedy erection.

Here at ETS, we use cutting edge laser set-up technology to ensure millimetre perfect accuracy in manufacture.

The versatility of these joists allows you to use them in a variety of applications. Yes, they can be used as floor joists, but also for orangeries, flat roofs and pitched roof applications.

With all of these advantages and diverse applications, it’s easy to see why metal web joists are the fastest growing product in the UK’s engineered joist market.

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Metal Web Joist Applications

Floor Joists

Floor joists are the most common method of using metal web joists.

An often-overlooked element to floor design is the ‘feel’ of the floor. Here at ETS, we always make every effort to reduce deflection levels or ‘bounce’, in the floor joists. This consideration means that you can be sure that once your project is complete, you will have a firm feel to your and no unwanted bounce or vibration.

Even if you don’t order from us, we would always advise you to check what the maximum deflection of your joists will be from your supplier. Remedying this later is rarely feasible and very expensive.

As a lightweight product, metal web joists are easy to handle. And without the need for temporary bracing, you can be sure erection of the floor structure will be very quick. Furthermore, as metal web joists are made-to-measure, they will drop in to place, reducing unnecessary cutting on site. All in all, this speeds up your build programme while also reducing labour costs.

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Orangery roofs are an increasingly popular means of extending your property. Often falling under permitted development, or with limited planning constraints, they’re a great way to enhance your property.

Most orangery roofs utilise a sizeable glazed lantern to allow light to radiate the room below. Unfortunately, these lanterns frequently weigh hundreds of kilos and projects often have steel beams specified for lantern support. Fortunately, the metal web joists system can comfortably replace these steels in 99% of scenarios, as well as forming the remainder of the flat roof structure. By eliminating the need for steel beams, you will also no longer need to coordinate multiple suppliers for steel and timber, which can translate into a saving in your valuable time and as well as in cost.

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Pitched Roofs

Pitched roof made with metal web joists can achieve that long admired and enviable, fully vaulted ceiling.

This design option maximises floor to ceiling heights while also allowing fully glazed gable ends if desired. It provides a much more dramatic ceiling line and the potential to allow light to pour in through large roof-lights or glazed gable ends.

As with all metal web joist applications, the open web nature means any services for lighting can be hidden within the joists void, keeping ceiling lines neat and tidy.

Pitched roof joists are becoming increasingly popular for projects where solid timber cannot span the desired length without the need for expensive additional supports.

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