Spandrel Panels

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What is a Spandrel Panel?

Spandrel panels are custom-designed to seamlessly integrate with your roof structure. Our team of experts will design the panels to match the exact contours of your roof, ensuring a perfect fit. We use high-quality 15mm Fermacell gypsum boarding on both sides of the panel within our workshop. This specialist board guarantees a 60-minute fire rating, surpassing all regulatory requirements. Furthermore, Fermacell offers excellent sound insulation properties, tested to comply with Part E sound insulation performance standards.


How do Spandrel Panels work?

Spandrel panels are designed to "sit on" and be securely fastened to the existing masonry party wall. The industry standard body, The Trussed Rafter Association (TRA), provides a comprehensive guide outlining the general installation process for spandrel panels. Traditionally, fire barriers between dwellings were constructed using brickwork. This method requires bricklayers to halt work while the roof is installed and then return later to build the barriers. This approach can lead to project delays and additional management headaches. Additionally, traditional methods necessitate extra scaffolding and expose workers to extended periods at height, increasing safety risks.

  • Faster Installation

    The panels are made to measure and pre-manufactured off-site, ensuring faster installation.

  • Reduced Costs

    Lower labour and material costs. No need for extra scaffolding, blockwork, or labour.

  • Improved Safety

    Site safety is improved by removing additional time working at height.

  • Regulatory Compliance

    They conform to fire and passage of sound regulations.

  • Minimal Site Waste

    No site waste from pre-manufactured panels.

If this is of interest, please let us know when sending in your roof enquiry. We will provide a separate price for your spandrel panels so that you can differentiate between your main roof price and your spandrel panel price.

If you wish to enquire about spandrel panels, please contact our team on 01952 771170, e-mail us at or use the request a quote page.

Gable Panels

Gable Panel

What is a Gable Panel?

Gable panels are pre-manufactured timber frame panels that are clad with 9mm ply to the external face. These panels are designed as an alternative for traditional gable end masonry walls. As opposed to spandrel panels that sit within a roof structure, these gable panels form an exposed face of the building. Therefore, there are many design considerations that we will need to be considered for you to ensure the panel is fit for purpose.

Roof Trusses Diagram

How do Gable Panels Work?

The gable panel works by a specialised system of restraint down to the masonry wall below. One of our trade partners, Simpson Strong Tie, has undergone extensive research and development, alongside the TRA to develop a new clip which restrains the panel back to the blockwork below. The panel is then installed on top of the wall and tied back to the trusses with a variety of timber and straps as indicated by our gable panel installation guide.

The gable panel must resist wind loads to the face of the panel, hence the need for adequate restraint to the walls below and the roof structure adjacent to it. All of these factors are designed into your project by one of our highly skilled designers.

Once the panel is safely installed, the outer leaf of brickwork can be built. This is then tied back into the panel using brick ties fixed into the ply-cladded face of the gable panel.

  • Faster Builds

    Gable panels are pre-fabricated off-site to exact specifications, eliminating the need for on-site construction and cutting.

  • Cost Savings

    By reducing labour requirements and materials waste, gable panels can offer significant cost savings.

  • Improved Safety

    Gable panels are pre-manufactured, they minimise the amount of time workers need to spend working at heights, reducing the risks.

  • Quicker Weather Proofing

    Gable panels can create a watertight seal much faster than traditional methods.

  • Reduced Waste

    Gable panels are precision-made to minimise onsite cutting and waste.

If you wish to enquire about gable panels, please contact our team on 01952 771170, e-mail us at or use the request a quote page.