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Who are ETS?

We are ready for your next project

Firmly established in Shropshire, Engineered Timber Solutions has been designing and manufacturing roof trusses and floor joists to England and Wales since 2003.

With a broad customer base ranging from homeowners to national house builders, architects and local builders, we have the experience and expertise to offer no matter the size of your project.

Industry Standard Trusses & Joists

As members of the Trussed Rafter Association, we can keep up with the latest news and developments in the industry ensuring that any changes to the industry standards can be adopted. We work to the current quality standard laid down in ISO 9001:2015 and the harmonised standard EN14250 which ensures all our trusses and joists carry a current CE mark. Through our use of PAMIR, all our designs are compliant with EC5 and the existing design codes.

We are also certified under the PEFC Chain of Custody scheme, meaning that all the timber we use in our products is from sustainable forests and is traceable from the forest to our yard.

Roof Trusses

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How to buy roof trusses or floor joists

We appreciate that it’s not every day that you might want or need to buy roof trusses, floor joists and metal web joists.

The market can be confusing and intimidating to people who are coming to it for the first time, perhaps just wanting a simple extension or fancy giving building their own home a go and want to know how much things might cost before employing a builder.

Here at ETS, we understand that everybody’s level of experience differs, so our team will be there from the first point of contact to the last, poised and ready to help you through the process whether you are a seasoned buyer or just looking to extend your kitchen or add an extra bedroom.

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3D Model – Spandrel Panels

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View a 3D model of spandrels panels that we sent to a client.

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3D Model – Raised Tie Trusses

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View a 3D model of raised tie trusses that we sent to a client.

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3D Model – Floor Joists

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View a 3D model of floors joists that we sent to a client.

Why Use ETS?

Versatility for any project – domestic, commercial or industrial

We offer roof trusses, metal web joists, spandrel and gable panels and can design and manufacture a solution for just about any application.

Our timber roof trusses are designed to your exact requirements providing a cost-efficient and time-saving solution. Trusses can be used on the smallest to the largest project offering versatility for any project, domestic or commercial.

Our floor joists are also known as open web joists or metal web joists. Designed using the Posi-joist system our joists can offer greater flexibility than their traditional timber counterparts. Posi-Joist combines the lightness of timber with the strength of the Posi-Strut steel web allowing you to span far greater distances than would be possible with alternative timber floor joist products. Furthermore, the exceptional strength characteristics result in much firmer floors with far less ‘bounce’ when compared to I-beams or alternative floor systems.

Spandrels are specially designed and manufactured from timber-framed panels clad with plasterboards that enable you to separate roof areas between adjoining houses. These panels will achieve a guaranteed 1hr fire protection barrier.

We use the latest in laser technology to ensure that our manufacturing processes are accurate and efficient. We are committed to providing outstanding quality products and excellent customer service.

ETS Yard

Attic Trusses


Timber Spire

Our happy customers

Just a few testimonials from some of the many happy clients across the UK.

The entire roofing process was completely alien to me and the team at ETS did an exemplary job of helping me understand exactly what we needed and worked hard to make it work. The entire process, communication, measuring, manufacturing was great

Peter Anderson

Fantastic service from start to finish. ETS do exactly as they say, with good communication, excellent service at a competitive price.

Mr & Mrs Ward

Free measuring service in the Midlands

Free measuring service in the Midlands

Our Work

Roof Trusses & Floors

We work on roof and floor projects right across the UK. Please have a look at a few examples of our work. We can show you more examples when you get in touch.

Raised Tie Roof

Metal Web Joists

Orangery Roof

Attic Extension

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