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Here at ETS, we can design and manufacture all types of roof trusses for any size of roof, domestic or commercial. With our experienced design team, laser-guided manufacturing processes, and a dedicated delivery team, we can design, manufacture, and deliver trusses to suit your project whether it is domestic or commercial. We design roof trusses for use in a wide range of structure-types including timber frame, masonry and steel frame.

  • Attic Trusses

    Attic Trusses

    Attic trusses, or room in the roof trusses, are designed to form the top storey of a building with a habitable room space. In either domestic or commercial applications, this extra space can be invaluable. Attic trusses allow you to utilise up to 70% of the space in the roof void.

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  • Raised Tie Trusses

    Raised Tie Trusses

    Raised Tie roof trusses are designed to offer a higher ceiling line and more room height than the fink truss. Where a fink truss will run in a straight line from each wall, a raised tie truss will slope upwards before forming the flat ceiling.

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  • Fink Trusses - Diagram

    Fink Trusses

    The most common roof truss type is the fink truss. This truss is triangular in shape and has internal timbers, called webs, in a W shape arrangement. This truss is the workhorse of the truss types.

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Why Choose Roof Trusses?

These types of trusses offer advantages over the traditional cut roof method, such as faster installation times. The trusses also make the roof shape, so once lifted into place and secured, the lining and covering can begin immediately, greatly reducing the time the roof is not weathertight.

Our design team have a wealth of experience in designing roofscapes that reduce, or even in some cases, remove the need to utilise supporting steels, achieving roofscapes that would be unattainable using a cut roof.

We design and manufacture all types of roof trusses to the current construction standards. Full calculations to prove the structural elements of the roof can be supplied to satisfy building control.

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Attic Trusses installed

Roof trusses are manufactured using PEFC certified sustainably sourced timber.

Pre-manufactured timber trusses reduce the amount of on-site waste when compared to the more traditional cut roof methods making timber roof trusses an environmentally-friendly choice.

If you have any questions about our full range of trusses or any of our other timber-engineered products, get in touch and one of our experts will assist you. We will send our experts to your site for free in our local area in most cases, or for a small fee for further afield.

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How long do truss roofs last?

A truss roof is popular for both homes and businesses. They are incredibly strong and can last for decades with proper maintenance. Wood trusses on roofs can last a long time unless the house’s exterior has an especially damp environment.

However, like all roofs, truss roofs will eventually need to be replaced. The average lifespan of a truss roof is very approximately 20-30 years. With proper care and maintenance, your truss roof can last even longer.

Are truss roofs chaper than rafters?

A truss is an engineered wooden frame that is used to support the roof. It is made up of triangles that are connected at the joints. A rafter is a single beam that supports the roof from the ridge beam to the outer walls. It is not as strong as a truss and is not as efficient in supporting the weight of the roof. Trusses are cheaper than rafters because they are mass-produced in factories, have fewer labour costs, and are easier to install.

How much do roof trusses cost in the UK?

Roof trusses are typically made from timber, although steel and other materials can be used, and are usually manufactured before being delivered to the site. This is the most cost effective way to get trusses for most projects.

The cost of roof trusses will vary depending on the size and complexity of the trusses required in the particular project. We prefer to have a conversation with you about your project before giving an accurate cost of the trusses.

If you need a quote to design and/or manufacture trusses and want to get pricing information, fill in the short form to get us to work out an exact cost. We provide you with your truss quotation as soon as possible and as we say our lead time is currently only 5 days.

Many people try and guess how many trusses they need and end up with not having enough or having too many. Our expert advice will help you save money in the long run by specifying the correct number of trusses for your construction project.