Attic trusses are the perfect way to convert lofts and give more usable space in most buildings.

Attic rooms of the by-gone era were the realms of orphan children in cramped conditions with low ceilings, tiny windows, which leaked, of course, accompanied by ferocious drafts and an abundance of spiders.

Modern attic spaces using attic trusses are very different from their historical counterparts. For the last forty years, attic trusses have transformed these neglected storage areas into warm, inviting spaces.

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A modern attic design with our attic trusses

The room-in-roof truss is a simple means of providing the structural roof, floor and internal walls in the same component. With land prices increasing, attic rooms are becoming increasingly popular. Attic roof trusses are designed to form the top storey of a dwelling with habitable room spaces. Through intelligent roof truss design, ETS can increase the amount of available room in a building void by up to 70%.

Stacked Roof Trusses

Flexible attic room layouts

Attic trusses, much like their fink counterparts, use the outer walls as support. This outer wall support removes restrictions on lower floor layouts. Attic spaces can have large room sizes and an en-suite included when these may be absent from the floor below. Alternatively, the lower level may be more open where the attic space may be made up of smaller spaces with dedicated uses such as storage, children’s playrooms, and office spaces which free up spaces on the lower floors.

These trusses can utilise any internal load-bearing walls, and by doing so, a larger room space can be achieved. A larger room space can then be divided or used as necessary. Using an attic roof truss will give you the freedom to plan your room layout within the roof space.

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Add natural light with roof lights and dormer windows

Room in the roof designs can now, with the clever use of roof lights and dormer windows, be bright, inviting spaces.  Our design team has plenty of experience in designing room spaces that take maximum advantage of natural light. A roof light added over the stairwell up to the attic space can help make what could be a narrow space feel light and open.

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Installation Benefits

Attic trusses can be quickly installed resulting in less time spent vulnerable to the elements. Once covered, the structure is complete meaning that finishes such as plaster-boarding and floor boarding can be installed straight away without the need of any onsite labour intensive joinery. It is also possible to combine attic trusses with our Posi joists comfortably accommodating plumbing and electrical services.

As well as straightforward room-in-the-roof projects, ETS is highly experienced in designing the most intricate roof layouts to achieve optimum space, taking into consideration staircases, dormers and roof windows. 

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