What Are Roof Truss Clips?

Truss clips are used to secure trussed rafters to wall plates.

There are many different kinds of roof truss clips available today. Some are designed specifically for certain types of roofs while others are meant to be more universal in nature.

Universal truss clips are great because they can be used with any kind of roof. However, not all universal truss clips are created equal. It is best to buy good quality universal truss clips rather than settle for something of inferior quality.

What are the advantages of roof truss clips over nails?

Nails are often considered the standard way to attach roof trusses to the walls. But there are several disadvantages to using nails. For instance, if you don’t know how to correctly position the truss, you could easily miss the spot where you want to put the nail. This could lead to problems such as leaks or even collapse. Another disadvantage is that nails may loosen over time. If you live in an area with high winds or snowfall, you might find that the nails eventually fall out of the rafter. In addition, nails aren’t waterproof so they can rot over time. This means that you might have to replace the rafters sooner than expected. Our galvanised steel truss clips are more resistant to failure compared to rusting nails.

Benefits of using truss clips

Some types of clips specifically allow for movement between the trusses and the wall plates. Even in the construction phase, using clips helps with securing the roof, especially if it needs repositioning. Using clips also prevents damage to the timber from errors made while securing the trussed rafters to the wall plates.

Using clips also provides a level of wind restraint to the roof and provides alignment control between the truss and non-load bearing walls.

The movement also resists inclement weather conditions when the building is complete thus further improving stability

The best truss clips are usually made from galvanised steel reducing the possibility of the tie rusting over time.

Using  truss clips with the correct specification ensures the appropriate levels of support are provided to the structure.

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