Loft Conversion Ideas

Loft Conversion Ideas

Here are Engineered Timber Solutions we have the honour of working on some really great projects.

Some of the most interesting and innovative projects are loft conversions. Transforming a space in a home into a practical room or storage area is the type of remodeling that suits timber roof trusses immensely. Fink trusses aren’t suitable at all for a loft conversion, you would need a room in a roof truss or attic trusses

This type of remodeling means changing the existing construction of the building, such as altering the roof structure, installing windows, flooring, and insulation to make the area livable. Loft conversions are the go to option when you need more space.

Getting more space can be done in a variety of ways, like adding a mezzanine floor or walk-out access, but will depend on the layout of your property. Or of course you have the room-in-the-attic concept.

It is important to work with a professional architect or timber engineering company to get the most out of this addition.

Make sure to budget appropriately for the materials and labour needed to convert the loft space, as well as allowing the general expenses of the project. We also advice building in a contingency budget as well for those little surprises that occur in many building projects.

Many homeowners thrive on getting the most from their property and spend hours looking online for ways to increase their living space.

So, if you are wondering what you could use a loft conversion for here are some ideas to get you started:

Use a Loft Conversion as an Extra Bedroom for your family

If you have children and they are getting older, and bigger, then converting the loft space into an extra bedroom is a great idea.

Use a Loft Conversion as a Home Office

So, I think many of us are working from home, at least some of the week aren’t we? Or you run your own business. A loft conversion would give you your own work space where you would have privacy for telephone calls and video conferences, not to mention space to think.

Use a Loft Conversion as a Playroom

Converting the loft into a room to play in is a great way to keep all the paraphernalia out of sight. And we are not just talking about a playroom for children. Imagine an adult games room for video games. Or a space for the pool table.

Use a Loft Conversion as a Fitness Room

If you had your own fitness room then you wouldn’t have to go to the gym – you’d just have to pop upstairs. That makes keeping fit and healthy an easier experience.

Use a Loft Conversion as a Guest Room

By converting the loft space into a guest room for family or friends you create a defined area for people to feel more at home. No more need to open sofa beds in the living room.

Use a Loft Conversion as a Storage Room

Who doesn’t need more storage? A new loft conversion would give you just that. And if you have one of our designers help you then it could be the perfect space to store all the things you don’t know what to do with.

Use a Loft Conversion as a Home Cinema

If you are into your films then this is a great loft conversion idea. Imaging the full surround sound experience in your own home. You’ll never want to leave your home cinema.

Use a Loft Conversion as a Study

A loft conversion would be the perfect place for a dedicated study room wouldn’t it? Either for children at school, the teenagers are college or even for the adults in the house who have returned to college or university.

Roof Trusses and Loft Conversions

Roof trusses are important in loft conversions for several reasons:

  • Support: Roof trusses provide the structural support necessary to carry the weight of the new flooring, walls, and any additional fixtures or fittings in the loft conversion.
  • Space Optimisation: It is possible to design roof trusses that are tailored to make the most of the loft area, thus maximising the headroom and usable floor space. This is especially helpful in buildings that do not have much headroom to begin with.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Roof trusses are cost-effective compared to other methods of structural support, as they are lighter and easier to install, reducing the cost and time of construction. We for instance, deliver our roof trusses to your home ready for installation. And each delivery includes instructions for your builder.
  • Durability: If you make sure that a professional designer plans your loft conversion then the roof trusses we supply are durable for most weather conditions in the UK.
  • Versatility: Timber roof trusses are one of the easiest materials to design and install when used in a loft conversion. So, if you have a loft space that you think is a bit of a challenge to convert speak with us. Timber is so versatile and perfect for awkward areas.

Roof trusses are an important component of loft conversions; not only do they provide the structural support necessary to carry the weight of the roof and provide a load bearing structure for the floor they are cost-effective, durable, and versatile.

We hope that we have given you some good loft conversion ideas to get you started. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for advice.

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