We are on the up – Our expansion continues

We are on the up – Our expansion continues

Jill Sankey, Managing Director here at ETS, has a clear vision for the future of our business. The aim is to boost our capacity, offer expanded services and still keep the ETS Way. This is what makes us unique thanks to ETS’s ethos and all the staff that help to deliver on it.

Jill Sankey, Managing Director at ETS

We have always been an ambitious business. We achieved a turnover of £2 million in 2015, we grew this to £6.2 million in 2021. Recent forecasts suggest that 2023 will see us hit £7 million, with a target of £10 million within three years. That really is something for us all to aim for!

We have survived a global pandemic and we are ready for whatever the next big challenge is. One of our big accolades is a willingness to invest in our people and technology. The new factory will see us double our manufacturing capacity but the key to our success is staying on top of our excellent customer service.

Truss Manufacturing at ETS

Jill explains: “The customer service side of things is one of the keys to our success. We do more site visits than the competition, we give better end-to-end support. We’ve got staff with the experience to give the best advice.

“I want us to become synonymous with quick, top-quality service in the West Midlands region. That’s the branding milestone I want us to nail next, in a region of over five million people. We’ve got big competitors, but they can’t deliver as fast as us. They don’t have as strong a design team as us.

So yes, it’s a very achievable milestone. We’re about 45-strong at the minute, I can’t see the team expanding much beyond 50. I wouldn’t say bigger is better; our focus is on a premium service.”

Roof Trusses in the ETS Factory

We will be focusing on Posi-Joists as demand for them is soaring, plus our turnover has doubled thanks to frontline builders who recognise the value they represent. Posi-joists can easily incorporate Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) units into new builds. This doesn’t only make for easy installation and the routing of a myriad of services, but by 2025, it will provide compliance with the Future Homes Standard (FHS) which will become mandatory.

New homes built from 2025 will produce 75-80% less carbon emissions. MVHR will be key to realising these savings and Posi-Joist is an obvious solution. Jill predicts another, bigger boom in demand not only for the joists, but also for the skills to install them. This is all good news for our future.

Roof Truss Designer at ETS

We are currently undertaking time trials, alongside Cameron Homes, to document project data and compare it with traditional construction methods. Soon, we will have data to back up how much time and labour Posi saves, and how much space it opens up.

This is a great new direction and opportunity for us to pursue as our star continues to rise!

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