Shropshire House and Garage Case Study

Shropshire House and Garage Case Study

We always say we like a challenge and this particular project proved exactly that.

We were commissioned to provide a roof for the house, the garage and a link between both buildings, this involved a pitched steel frame for a single storey flat roof, a Green Sedum roof and included MVHR. Quite a challenge already!

The pitched steel frame was used to give a very slight angle to the ‘Flat’ roof, this prevents water from

pooling and allows the roof to drain properly. As the steels were angled against each other a lot of tricky measurements were required and individual joist profiles and spans had to be designed to accommodate the variations.

As sustainability and looking after the environment is high on everyone’s agenda, the homeowner opted to include a Green Sedum roof. A sedum roof is one type of living green roof which has a layer of vegetation on top bringing environmental benefits.

The design of the house meant the owner opted to use posi joists due to the large spans they needed to cover, plus the additional weight of the green roof. As posi joists are made up of open metal web structure all services can run through them and in this case the Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) system was included. MVHR is a source of ventilation that extracts stale, moist air from a building.

The posi joists really came into their own on this project as it meant there was not need to cut timber joists, they also provided larger fixing surfaces for the ceiling under and deck over area. Cantilevered joists were used to extend over the garage. In fact, over 320 joists were used in this project.

The homeowner worked closely with ETS during this complicated process and that ensured it all went smoothly.

It really was quite a challenge but everyone is pleased with how well it went and the house will be beautiful once complete!

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