How we Cost Roof Trusses

When it comes to trusses, they are an integral part of any building project’s design. They are holding up your roof, which is very important. They can also be part of the flooring arrangement too so there are a lot of options to consider.

And that is why we insist on discussing projects so we can give an accurate cost of roof trusses.

So how do we develop a roof trusses price?

First of all, we have to identify what type of trusses are needed for the job. There are a lot to choose from for example fink trusses, raised tie and attic trusses to name but a few.

Once the type of trusses is established the next step is to work on the design and this is where the costs start to change as the pitch, span and quantity of trusses needed will all affect the engineered joists price.

The first thing to consider is the span. This is the full length of the truss, wall to wall. Then there is the pitch, this is the same as the pitch of the roof and is the angle between the top and bottom chord. The final consideration is the quantity. Usually, trusses are spaced at 600mm centres, however if they are being used to support a pool table or a water tank, more trusses will be needed to take the extra weight, so this pushes the price up too.

This might be starting to sound complicated but that is where our very talented designers come in. They can advise on the dimensions, the quantity of trusses depending on usage and much more.

Remember we also produce metal web joists, gable panels and spandrel panels so we can give you a full cost breakdown on these too.

We like to be transparent so if there is anything that doesn’t add up then please feel free to call us on 01952 771170.